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Monday, August 19, 2024

Every Child Is a PEARLfect Dancer 


We'd like to welcome you to SA Youth Programs & Community Events Center, LLC.!  PEARLfect Dancers is a conveniently located studio in the 211 and Potranco areas.  It offers recreational and competitive dance teams. The space is fully equipped with lighting, sound, mirrors, flooring, and ballet barres.


The mission of PEARLfect Dancers is to provide students ages 4 through 14 with a fun, positive, and well-rounded dance education. We specialize in jazz, modern, contemporary, hip hop, while incorporating the fundamentals of ballet in every dance style. Our philosophy is that PEARLfect Dancers are successful because we are at our best when we take the necessary, sequential steps to perfect our crafts--we don't skip from basic to advanced. We introduce complex material at the appropriate time. 

Our mission is different because classes are highly collaborative and allows students to utilize their creativity to contribute to several dances. Students will not only learn how to perform choreography developed by instructors, they can go home and return to class with ideas on how to enhance the actual dances they will perform! We believe this builds confidence and allows students to take on leadership roles in the classroom as they educate fellow PEARLfect Dancers on what they’d like to implement in our dance routines! Your shy or quiet dancer might transform through our strategically structured classroom dance strategies!

Every student is a PEARLfect Dancer; it's not just the program's name!

School girl group_edited.png
Christmas Card - PearlDancers - Melanya_edited.png

"Let your body flow like a river of water. Feel it. Be the heartbeat of every music tune. Dance shouldn't require you to think. It only requires that you feel. Show grace. Be passionate, PEARLfect Dancers."

                                                                                                 ---- Dorethea Edwards

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